Will you sign the Adani water pledge?

Adani plans to extract billions of litres of water from our rivers and underground reservoirs every year to run their mega coal mine - threatening the livelihoods of farmers and regional communities.

Adani breaks Australian laws and can’t be trusted with our water.

The Federal Government just rushed through approval of Adani’s groundwater plan, on the eve of the election campaign, after major political interference. The CSIRO has expressed serious concerns with Adani’s plan and has distanced itself from the Minister's decision.

Adani’s approvals must be reviewed.

Worst ever

Queensland is experiencing one of its worst ever droughts. Yet the Queensland Government has granted coal mining giant Adani a license to extract unlimited associated groundwater for sixty years.

At risk

Rivers, ancient springs, and aquifers of the Great Artesian Basin, are all at risk. We can’t afford to give a single drop to Adani.


If built, Adani’s proposed mega-coal mine will be the largest in Australia and one of the largest in the world. It will put at risk the lifeblood of Central Queensland by:

  • Sucking out at least 270 billion litres of groundwater over the life of the mine
  • Putting aquifers of the Great Artesian Basin adjoining the mine at threat
  • Dumping mine polluted wastewater into the Carmichael River
  • Threatening 160 spring wetlands that provide permanent water during drought
  • Leave behind 6 unfilled coal pits that will drain millions of litres of groundwater forever

 Adani’s water licence allows unlimited access to associated groundwater for 60 years for free.


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