River Impacts

The Carmichael mine will impact local rivers in a number of ways.  The loss of groundwater from the mine will lead to a loss of river flow in the Carmichael River, because it will reduce the water that joins the river from underground[1].

The Queensland government is permitting the Adani mine to discharge significant volumes of mine affected wastewater into the Carmichael River[2].  

In addition, Adani has been given a licence to harvest up to 12,500 million litres each year from the Suttor River[3].  Adani are required to pay for water take under this licence[4]. The community at large was not given any opportunity to object to the grant of that licence.

[1] Independent Expert Scientific Committee Advice on the Carmichael Coal Project
[2] GHD 2012.  Adani Mining Pty Ltd:  Carmichael Coal Mine Preliminary Water Balance. P49.
[3] Water Licence 617268 issued to Adani Infrastructure Pty Ltd by DNRM on the 29/3/2017
[4] Adani is required to pay the Queensland Government $20M before it can take water from the Suttor River

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